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Last week I worked with a client who was trying to decide between a new or used Nissan Altima. He had done quite a bit of research before he called me, and it appeared that he could a brand new one with leather, Bose and more for over $5500 off the sticker price. That triggered […]


8 Tips for buying cars at the auction


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auto auctionYou probably have an idea of how an auction works. Buyers float their prices and at the fall of the hammer the highest bidder gets the item on sale. While the procedure is more or less the same at used car auctions, you need to know a couple of things to enable you get not only the best car but at a good deal too. Remember that few people buy their cars from auctions, so the chances of getting a car in an incredible shape are always high. Below is a look at some of the things that will give you an edge over fellow bidders at the auction.

Arrive Early…

It goes without saying that there will be other interested parties at the auction, so the need to get there first needs no emphasis. You need to get a copy of the cars on auction and have ample time to look at them. You have to get their values as well because the car auction is all about outmaneuvering other bidders to get the car that is in good shape and value at a reasonable price.

Having an early assessment on the cars will also enable you know which cars to place a bid on and the ones not to.Know More About the Auction You’re Attending… There are different types of auctions from public to private to government car auctions. Gather more information about the auction you are attending to know if there are any special requirements. For instance, some auctions are only open to dealers hence private. You would also want to know if the auction you wish to take part in deals with pre-inspected cars or everything on the lot is up for sale.

Bring Someone Who Knows A little More About Cars

You may be experienced at auctions all right, but you need to know buying a used car is more than just making the payments or judging the car on the looks. Unlike buying a new car, you need to inspect the car thoroughly. Remember you may not know exactly why the car is being sold at auction. It could be the owner wants to get rid of it because of recurring mechanical problems, so you need to be cautious.
Bring a mechanic to check on things such as indications of wear and lack of functionality as well as malfunctions that can only be detected by a profession. Having an experienced person on your side will come in handy when you want to buy used cars at auctions and you will end up with quality cars only.

Talk to Fellow Bidders

One of the best ways to know what to expect at a car auction you have never attended before is talking to customers who participate there routinely. Chat with them in a friendly manner and exchange notes. They can fill you in on the cars the auction tends to sell and how to go about the entire process. Ask any nagging questions that you may be having and don’t forget to ask for insider tips while you are at it.

Don’t let the Looks Fool You

The fact that the car looks like a million dollars doesn’t take away the fact that it is still a used car. When you want to buy a used car more so at an auction whether public or otherwise, you need to concentrate on the inside rather than the outside. Before you even think of bidding for the car, ensure that you have inspected under the hood thoroughly. There is nothing as bad such as bidding for a used car based on the outside only to find it is a wreck on the inside.

Have a Look at the Documentation

Just like when buying a new car, you need to go through the documents of the car you intend to place a bid on. Take keen interest on the salvage title as it will give you a hint if the car has been involved in an accident and went under repair. If that is the case, then you need to know that the car’s resale value will be affected thus you have to be cautious when bidding on the car. If the car had been wrecked then repaired, avoid bidding on it since things might go wrong with it in the future.

Verify the Car’s Particulars

Used car auctions might be one of the best places to find cars in good conditions at cheap prices, but you need to re-check the details. It is so easy to get swayed and think the details given at the auction are authentic. While this is the case most of the times, verification is always advantageous. With the advancement of technology, it is easy to submit and get the particulars of the car with the local registration body within minutes. Inquire about the car’s ownership history and whether the registration tax has been paid.

Take Your Time at the Auction

You will find used cars at the auction that are worth every penny, but you don’t have to bid in panic. Be calm, and bid according to the car’s value and not because you merely want to outbid other used car dealers. Car auctions are all about getting value for your money and not paying huge amounts unnecessarily. If someone outbids you for a targeted price, don’t compete with them as you might end up burning your fingers. You need to realize that if you don’t get what you are looking for at a particular auction, you will get it in another auction, so there is no need for buying hastily.
Car auctions vary in terms of operation and vehicles on the lot. What you find in one auction will be different from another auction and so will be the terms of service. As mentioned earlier on, the most fundamental question to ask is why the car has been placed on auction in the first instance. That way you will know whether it is worth putting a bid on a car or not. The fact that buying a car from an auction comes with its risks and unique challenges does should not deter you from attending and even purchasing from auctions. In fact, the chances of getting a car that is as good as new are very rife at auctions.

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How to sell your used car for fast cash


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cash for carsSell My Junk Auto

If you really have been striving to dispose of your junk car in private then if your like most of our clients you’ve probably experienced a lot of hassle.

In the past you may have found that people were simply thinking about buying if you lowered your cost below that of your initial asking price.

You may have found a prospective buyer only to have them pull the plug on the price at the last moment.

Fortunately, we at Green Cash 4 Cars can let you remove your junk car fast whilst receiving the greatest payout that is possible, enabling you to take your partner on that long awaited holiday.

You may receive a competitive cash offer which you can use to purchase a brand new car, pay off bills or better still go on that long awaited holiday.

24 Hour Pick-Up– We can take your car away from your driveway within a matter of hours.

Sell Scrap Car

No Title/Enrollment Records Needed – We’ll show you how you can easily recall your ownership files.

Free Towing – Get your junk car with our specialist tow trucks from your driveway. Payment Options – you'll be able to receive your payment via cash, bank check or money transfer.

Over the past few years we’ve helped to provide junk car removal for hundreds of customers and we think we can do the exact same for you to. Are we believed by ’t?

Green Cash 4 Cars is committed to treating every customer like they're worth a million dollars. We will give you what we truly believe your car will probably be worth and are fair people. Also, we shall lead you step by step through the entire process to set your worries at ease.

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We come to you and grab the car

We buy damaged automobiles, SUV's, and trucks and pay top dollars. We give highest payout and free towing for any automobile, make, model, year in any condition. Do not have title? No problem. Auto does not run? not a problem,

The car is towed by us free of charge. GC4C has been for over 10 years in a California Damaged Automobile business. Most of our clients are returning customers and referrals from our existing clients. We supply high level service, reliable, fast and free. Car is totaled? Car was flooded and can not be mended?,

No time to repair it or sell it? Your car has smashed on? Call us, we schedule a pick up within an hour from the call and will give you a quote on the telephone. We pay what we estimate and fast pick up the car. The cash is yours and the tow is free, we also give you a free t-shirt.

We're an Orange County California autos dealer that is licensed and we supply service for all autos in the whole state of California. We purchase domestic and foreign automobiles with high maintenance, bad transmission, mechanical damage, high miles, bad engine, transmission failure, wrecked cars and any other damaged autos in California. 

GC4C used cars for cash and additionally purchases junk cars.

We also offer auto donation service, if you want to contribute your car. Fill up the form or call us, we give you an auto donation receipt and will pickup your car.

What do we do with Damaged cars?

We sell the rest and parts we use for scrap metal.

Can you need to sell a car? Now, should you be going to eradicate your old car that is loyal, you should ensure that you are getting the best bargain for them. This is a study of how a car that's been around the block a few times to sell. *

# 1: the value of your auto. * The first thing you do when you sell your auto wants is always to know what exactly is the current value of the automobile. Get Even before your choice to sell your used car, you need to find out that cars depreciate like nothing dont make the high expectations of treasure. Your best bet to PRE NCT, and has access to the repair invoices, or you are able to go online to find your car is worth in today’s marketplace. Anything you select, the price increase, some €. You want some room to negotiate with respect. *

# 2: Pimp your automobile for sale. * No, you don't want MTV-style pimping your auto up, but you must implement some small repairs there and here. You could fight it might be more expensive than repairs, if something is actually wrong with the car engine. It increases the worth of your car by a few hundred long-term and if you spend a few euros, then there exists a good thing. Also, before you sell your car, you have a plan, some general cleanup, and accessorizing their auto. This includes replacing any broken glass, and wipers, broken furniture and ripped a changing mat, free buttons, etc. This will undoubtedly get a fair price, even if your automobile is old. *

# 3: Get your car serviced. * Check that the car still satisfies all the standards you expect. If not located, then how to repair them before you sell your car.

# 4 all the newspapers. * You need to ensure that all paperwork has not been full for a vehicle before you set them available. This includes a record of your current automobile registration, low mileage, insurance records, service history, NCT your car, etc. * Report

# 5: Advertise your auto. * There are many locations where you'll be able to sell your used car advertisement. I'd urge some websites. Mention and the demand to mention the brand and make the car and give a reasonable indication of how old the car is. Describe the state of the car virtually head with phrases for example excellent, very good condition, simple to fix, etc. Enter your phone number, but there's no requirement for additional info. Interested in and then you phone the office to arrange them. *

# 6: Do not leave your car accessible to buyers. * There is a lot of control over their car that is used may lead a number of people to ask your car mechanic or garage of their choice. Naturally, their requests should be fair. Not just that, they are, because they cannot say the last on earth to be with your automobile buyers. Do not allow individuals to test drive his automobile away. *

# 7: speak intelligently. * If your auto, to sell the guideline would be to never accept the first offer that comes from doing. It pays to be patient and appears to contemplate the offer, if the offer is made so what are you really looking forward to. Like when you click on something great do it. And this applies if you sell the rubbish car. There is little reason behind caution, and individuals believe in any case, if you concur that the first bid is launched when you jump, there is something concealed in the auto. If this happens, check your auto more heavy, and might neglect to address. If the bids are low, it makes no sense to waste time with tire-kicker. More and waiting offers coming. Patience is essential when you sell your car. *

# 8: Be especially concerned about the payment. * You get paid if you wade through the entire litany of advertising buyers assembling, haggling on the road like an old woman purchases apples makers and finally settled in the price which could live to love the auto. Sell your car has finally borne fruit, but you need to be cautious here. There are a significant number of individuals who have had personal management of the cars and carrying away, but the checks were deliberately crashed, three days later. you let this occur. If there is absolutely no money, at least in the money order or bank draft. *

# 9: Transfer all files to the new owner. * Make sure you have all the files over to the buyer a fresh automobile keys. However, this point is that you really do not have to worry about too much. Buyer shall supply all required records create its possession of the car. *

# 10: Wash your hands on the auto entirely sold out Now, tend not to sell the car, you must ensure that none of the responsibilities attached to the automobile, as time goes on. Do not forget to change the ownership structure of the post. That’s where they were abused or were in an automobile accident or a crime reserved. If you sell your car, observe and you really do not want to give something back.

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